Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Off Board Time: After Battle #8

Off Board tracking page for all transactions after Battle #8.

This will be the one stop place to see what everyone has done with their off board time.

The off board time order was determined by the order of elimination in Battle #8 getting the first slot.

You will need to do two things with this Off Board time.  First is your regular off board time stuff.  Tell me if you are going to repair your mech, buy any skills / stables or sponsors...etc.

Second - Battle #9 is the Wasp / Stinger / Hornet battle.  You must look at your faction list or any list you are authorized to buy from, and declare which Wasp , Stinger or Hornet chassis you will take.  Remember it must have Jump Jets, so the Stinger 6L is not an option.  Remember that Comstar, and the clanners can try to get the Stinger STG-3Gb...with a back up selection if they fail that roll.  ***You only need access to the buy lists for those factions, So if you can buy Clan mechs or from the Comstar or WoB lists...you have a shot at getting the STG-3Gb ***

*** Current Player *** by your player name indicates it is that players turn to purchase a mech.  You can purchase a mech after everyone has had a chance, but it is first come first serve at that point.
Will move this marker down as players email me their choices.  Watch this page as it will update all month long.

1) ??? (Larry)   
Joins Clan Wolf faction.

Take the Weapons Specialist (Clan Ultra AC10)
Take Cluster Expert (Direct Fire)
Buys Annihilator C 
Will try for the Stinger STG-3Gb, if that fails will take the Wasp WSP-1A

2) BlackJack (Scott)  
Sells Nightsky
Repairs Cyclops
Sells Cyclops
Buys Supernova
Mods Supernova into Supernova (Blackjack)
Lowers Piloting
Takes out $10,000,000 loan
Will attempt for Royal Stinger, otherwise Wasp WSP-3S

3) Ace (Dereck)  
repair the Hunchback
Sell the Hunchback
lower gunnery
buy edge point
buy weapon specialist Gauss rifle
buy the Orion ON-2M

for first battle will take the Stinger STG-3G

4) Flashy (Fab)  
Repair Warhawk

Will try for the Royal Stinger...
and take the Stinger STG-3R as his fallback.

5) Firebush (Kyle)
Repairs Awesome
Lowers Gunnery to a 2

Selects the Stinger STG-5R for the match  (from the House Liao list, Faction ability unlocked with 10+ fame)

6) Mayday (Mitch)
Repair Charger
Sell Hatchetman
lowered Piloting to a 1

Takes Hornet HNT-171

7) Chef (Dave)  
Waiting to repair Highlander til after the WSH match...

Takes the Wasp WSP-1S for the challenge

8) Irish (Jay)  
Repairs Black Knight
Buys 2nd Edge
Lowers Piloting to a 3
Then Lowers Piloting to a 2
Sells Marauder

Will try for Royal Stinger...with the STG-5R as the fall back

9) G-Force (Gregg)  
Joins Lynch Stable
Waits on Repairing Crusader til after WSH battle (might save need for loan)

Takes Wasp WSP-1A for the WSH battle.

10) Bad Wolf (Jeff) 

Waiting on repairs for Nova
Will try for Royal Stinger with the Wasp WSP-1A as the backup.

11) Buck (Lee)  

Repairs Awesome
Modifies King Crab.
Removes LRM15 and ammo
Removes both AC20's
Adds 2 LBX-20AC's with 4 more tons of ammo
Adds ER Small laser
Swaps 16 tons of F-Fiberous Armor for 19.5 tons of Standard armor
Lowers Gunnery
Takes Edge point
Will try for the Royal Stinger, with the Stinger STG-3G as backup

12) Peacekeeper (Rob)
Paid off $4,000,000 loan.
Repaired Pillager (Damaged)

Sold Pillager (Sponsor purchased one, keeping the awarded one)
Sold Vindicator
Bought Ti Ts'ang TSG-9H
Bought Improved Piloting (2)
Modifies Ti Ts'ang...
Removes TAG and 2 ER Small lasers
Swaps Hatchet with Mace (Solaris Weapon...VEST sponsor)
Moves 2 jump jets out of legs into empty CT space left by TAG
Moves 2 EndoSteel crits to other arm to make space for Mace
Moves ERSL from arm to empty Head critical

Takes the Stinger STG-5R for WSH battle

13) Prez or ??? (Josh)  *** Current Player ***
Or reset and...Need Faction choice, Name, Callsign, Image, Spend 26 CP and $10,125,360

14) ???  (Joel)
Need Name, Callsign, Image, Spend 26 CP and $10,125,360 C-Bills

After Action Report: Battle #8

Setting: The Jungle (House Liao)

Order of Elimination
  1. Larry - Head Capped - KIA - Mitch (Jeff Assist)
  2. Scott - Surrendered - 
  3. Dereck - Mech Destroyed -
  4. Fab - Mech Destroyed - Rob, Jay, Lee
  5. Kyle - Mech Destroyed - Dereck
  6. Dave - Mech Destroyed - 
  7. Mitch - Mech Destroyed - Rob
  8. Jay - Mech Destroyed - Lee
  9. Gregg - Mech Destroyed - Rob
  10. Jeff - Mech Destroyed - Lee
  11. Lee - Surrendered - Rob
  12. Rob - Winner
Key Moments:

17 point hatchet hit to Larry's head.

All the modified mechs setting up next to each other, helping the rest of the field.

Jeff and Rob not shooting at each other from the start.

Kyle getting bogged down in the river.

Lee unable to move off the closing board edge...but having his best game to date.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

After Action Report: Battle #7 Commando Challenge

Setting: Steiner Coliseum

 Order of Elimination

  1. Gregg - Mech Destroyed - Jeff, Scott
  2. Fab - Mech Destroyed - Jay
  3. Lee - Mech Destroyed - Larry, Dereck
  4. Kyle - Mech Destroyed - Scott
  5. Dave - Mech Destroyed - Meech
  6. Larry - Mech Destroyed - Jay, Dereck, Meech, Scott
  7. Dereck - Mech Destroyed - Larry
  8. Rob - Mech Destroyed - Jeff
  9. Jeff - Mech Destroyed - Scott
  10. Scott - Mech Destroyed - Jay
  11. Jay - Mech Destroyed - Meech, Scott
  12. Meech - Winner!
Key Moments:

Jeff taking down Rob's mech, and Rob taking Jeff's leg.  Remaining mechs all stop fighting to run across the map to get Jeff's legged mech.