Friday, May 27, 2011

Stable: Galahad Stables

Name: Galahad Stables

House Marik


Mechs Lists Available: 

House Marik

Clan Diamond Shark

Minimum Fame Required:

Character Point (CP) Cost:

C-Bill Entry Fee:

Special Abilities:  Noble mechwarriors wishing to show skill with the use of precision hits from small weapons, rather than lucky hits from one massive one.  Feel it is better to fall in honorable combat, face to face with another mechwarrior, rather than resort to sneak attacks from behind to win the day.  Knights of the Arena.

  • May not attack opponent from the rear.  (Penalty: -2 fame, -250,000 C-Bills per attack phase)
  • -1 TH with ranged weapons that do <9 points Maximum damage. (SRM6 = 12 damage, LRM20 = 20 damage)
  • Can aim at limbs of target mechs with a +2 to hit penalty.  Allows re-rolls of Head or Torso hits, keeping the 2nd roll.  Re-Roll location of floating crit if it hits Head or Torso as regular attack, keeping 2nd result.
  • Access to Clan tech for modifications
  • May buy Clan mechs from Clan Diamond Shark lists.

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