Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ammo Rules

There are numerous types of specialty ammo throughout the Inner Sphere.  Many have been used at the various on Solaris VII at one time or another.  Though some factions guard their specail ammo technology closly, secrest are hard to keep on Solaris and all ammo types are available to all factions...for a price.  Here are the legal Ammunition types that may be used in any arena of Solaris.  Most of these ammo types are free and you will not have to pay for reloads, some however have a price listed after them in (parentheses).  You must pay this reload price in full every time you wish to top off your ammo bin with that type of ammo.   
Example: Jay has an AC10 and is fond of Armor Piercing ammo.  He buys one ton for 5000 C-bills which gives him 5 shots.  In his battle he shoots 2 rounds leaving him with 3 in the bin. To reload for his next battle he will have to pay another 5000, or he can go in with just the 3 rounds. 

LRM - Standard
LRM - ArtimusVI
LRM - Narc guided
MRM - Standard
NARC missiles - Standard
NARC missiles - Explosive (2000 per ton)
Streak SRM - Standard
Streak SRM - Inferno (2000 per ton)
SRM - Standard
SRM - Inferno (2000 per ton)
SRM - ArtimusVI
SRM - Narc guided
All size AC - Standard
All Size AC - Precision (5000 per ton)
All Size AC - Armor Piercing (5000 per ton)
All Size LBXAC - Slug
All Size LBXAC - Buckshot
All Size Ultra AC - Standard
Rotary AC2 & 5 - Standard

All other types of ammo have been banned for the Solaris Olympiad Series.  If it is not on the list above, you may not use it.  No Thunder (Mine laying LRM's).  No Semi-Guided LRM's.  No Incendiary LRM's.  No Swarm LRM, No Fragmentary ammo.

Should you buy some non-standard ammo, you must clearly mark which ammo bin on you mech sheet that carries the different ammo.  You also need to keep track of which ammo bin ammo is coming out of as you shoot, it might make the difference between an ammo explosion or just a lucky crit that does nothing.  If you do not mark it on your sheet, the bin will be considered as full as possible if it takes a crit.

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