Thursday, May 26, 2011

Proxy Mini rules.

Alright, I'm kind of a stickler for having the correct mini to represent the correct mech.  Which is probably why I have so many of the little things.  So when it comes time for your mech warrior to purchase a mech consider this...

The Mini must be painted (Not just primed) and on a hex-shaped base to be used.

If the correct mini is not available you must pay an extra 25% of the purchase price of the mech to use another mini as a proxy.

Now what about variants?  Are we playing What you see is what you get?  No, The correct mini for the Chassis is fine.  So if you want to take the Hunchback with the 8 Medium lasers, the regular Hunchback mini is fine.

Omni weapon loadouts?  Those are fine.  If you have a Mad Cat mini, it can represent any available omni Configuration.

What about the IIC's?  To use a IIC mech you must have the IIC mini. (Have following IIC minis: Marauder, Warhammer, Highlander, Shadow Hawk, Phoenix Hawk, Jenner, Griffin)

What about the Clanner "C" version of an Inner Sphere mech where they just stripped out the guts and put in Clan tech?  Those may use the Inner Sphere mini as they are mostly just a variant of the chassis.  (Firefly C, Shogun C, Annihilator C, ImpC, etc...)

Couple of special exceptions....
Marauder and Marauder II mini's may be used to represent either chassis.  I only have the Unseen and Battledroid versions.  The Battledriod one is supposed to be only 75 tons and it is one of the largest mini's on my shelf.  The two unseen are only different due to "wings" on the II version, and those wings don't weigh 25 the minis are interchangeable.  However I do have a Marauder IIC and that must be used only as a Marauder IIC.

Wolfhound and Wolfhound IIC...I have one of each of these minis.  They can both may be used to represent the Wolfhound chassis as the artwork through the books and the labeling on the packaging is inconstant.  Put them both up on the Battletech forums and you will get a 5 page long argument as to which chassis represents which model.  So they are both may be used to represent the Wolfhound.  (the IIC was a unique mech driven by one of the Wolf Khans and not available to any player)

Now I would hope that those of you with painted Battletech Mini's would be willing to share them with everyone.  Heck bring them all, you might have a couple of chassis that I don't.  That will make for a more interesting campaign.  I've asked Josh to borrow his mech collection for the campaign.  He has about 20 minis, I'm guessing half a dozen that I don't own.  You will always get priority to use your own mini over another player (unless your name is Rob).

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