Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fallback faction.

You may get to a point somewhere in the campaign where you do not have enough C-Bills to repair your mech.  I've really tried to eliminate the need for "fallback" mechs with awards for being eliminated early and very generous kill awards.

But things happen, dice are dice, and I'm betting at least one of you will get in a pinch.  So here are your Fallback mechs.  You will only be issued a Fallback mech if you are unable to repair your mech to a functional state.  That includes Jury rig patch kits.  So you will have really over extended yourself or had some really rotten luck if you need one of these.

So here is exactly what getting a Fallback mech means.

  • The mech will be provided to you for free from your Faction.  
  • It is only to be used to try and get enough C-bills to repair one of your mechs.  
  • Fallback mechs may not be modified (even to swap an omni configuration).  
  • Fallback mechs may not be sold back to the market or to another player.  
  • You do not have to repair damage to the fallback mechs.  
  • Once you have earned enough money to pay for the least expensive repairs to get one of your mechs functioning, the fallback mech is given back to the Faction.
  • You get -2 Fame for every battle to have to use a fallback mech.
The Fallback mech provided by each faction is listed below.

House Davion - Federated Suns :  Valkyrie VLK-QD
House Kurita - Draconis Combine : Panther PNT-10K
House Steiner - Lyran Alliance :  Commando COM-7S
House Marik - Free Worlds League :  Spider SDR-8M
House Liao - Capellan Confederation :  Stinger STG-6L
Free Rassalhauge Republic:  Clint CLNT-2-3T
ComStar :  Mongoose MON-66
Word of Blake :  Locust LCT-5M
Mercenary : Wolfhound WLF-1
Periphery : Circinus Federation: Brigand LDT-1
Periphery : Magistracy of Canopus: Locust LCT-5V
Periphery : Marian Hegemony: Commando COM-4H
Periphery : Outworlds Alliance:  Stinger STG-3R
Periphery : Taurian Concordat: Jenner JR7-D
Clan Diamond Shark:  Piranha
Clan Ghost Bear: Firemoth (Prime)
Clan Jade Falcon: Howler (Baboon)
Clan Nova Cat: Jenner IIC
Clan Wolf: Uller (Prime)
Clan Wolf in Exile: Wolfhound WLF-2

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