Thursday, June 16, 2011

Off Board Time....Who goes first.

So you just got eliminated from your first match and are looking over what to do next.

Well first is add up your C-bills that you collected from the match.  You can also tally your Fame and CP's.  Don't forget the awards for being one of the first eliminated.

As you can see from the Off Board Time rules, if you intend to use your mech and it is not functioning, or you wish to sell it to the marketplace you must repair your mech.  You can keep your mech in it's damaged state, and buy another new mech if you wish.  You can also sell your damaged mech to another player at any price, and let them repair it.

But to get to the point of this post.  I was thinking about the 25% extra cost for not having the correct mini.  I was also looking at some "Really Really Great" Assault mechs that are in the 6.5 Mill range that I only have 1 mini for.  So who gets to buy that mini first?  To keep things simple we will do mech purchases in the order you were eliminated.  So 1st one out, you get to buy your mech 1st.  This will also give you something to do when you are eliminated early.  If two players are eliminated in the same phase, then the one with the lower fame gets to buy first.  If they are tied for Fame then roll off to see who buys first.

That's all for now...

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