Wednesday, July 6, 2011

S. O. S. Profile: Paul "Ace" Frehley

Name: Paul Frehley

Callsign: "Ace"

Player: Dereck

Faction: Free Worlds League (House Marik)

Rank: Corporal

Unit: Silver Hawk Irregulars
Gryphons Regiment; 1st Battalion

Current Battlemech:
Orion ON-2M

Arena Kills: 8.5

Best finish:
1st (of 5)- Ishiyama "Stone Mountain" - Battle #2A

Current Stable: none

Current Sponsors: Barrymore Munitions

When the Olympiad was announced the Marik government was a tad skeptical. Many of the top brass saw it as a way to try and gather important government officials to neutral territory for espionage and/or assassination purposes. Rather than bow out completely they asked for volunteers.

Paul "Ace" Frehley is a rabblerousing upstart and very neurotic (he can only fight in full costume) but also a gifted pilot.  The whole facepaint and costume gimmick started when before a routine patrol. "Ace", who was recently reprimanded for not displaying the Silver Hawk Irregulars logo properly on his uniform, took his response to the extreme.  He had painted Silver Hawk wings on his face as a sort of warpaint.  The unit had a good laugh, and they went out on their mission.  Well, as luck would have it that routine patrol turned into a fierce battle with some raiding pirates.  Ace, ended up saving his Commanding officer's life, and probably much of the company with his actions that day.   After he was out of LRM ammo and this PPC had been knocked out, he landed three "Death from above" style attacks on the pirates with his Griffin battlemech.  A captured pirate mechwarrior said..."That Griffin was bouncing around like some deranged Spaceman in low gravity or something...we had no idea where he was going next."  Well after that day, the Commanding officer of Ace's company said, that Ace could wear any facepaint or uniform he wanted to in his mech if he performed like that.     

   While his CO might understand Ace, those in the upper levels of command do not.  He would have made Staff Sergeant by now but his poor attitude and inability to follow the chain of command has held him back. The General given the task of picking the Marik Mechwarrior read the dossier and figured if Ace somehow wins, great, if not...well, it will be no big loss.

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