Thursday, September 22, 2011

S. O. S. Profile: Burton "G-Force" Guster

Name: Burton Guster

Callsign: G-Force

Player: Gregg

Faction: Free Rasalhauge Republic

Rank: Hauptmann

Unit: Unknown

Current Battlemech:
Crusader CRD-5K

Arena Kills:1

Best finish:
4th of 12 (Battle #8 - Jungle)

Current Stable:
Lynch Stables

Current Sponsors: none

Burton Guster is a private detective, sort of, on the weekends. Recently he and his partner had heard of a black market ring trying to infiltrate the Solaris 7 games.

The previous pilot for the Free Rasalhague Republic was killed under mysterious circumstances when the blast bolts for his cockpit canopy failed to fire upon auto ejection. Taking the case and given the temporary rank of Hauptmann, Burton is ready to put his 1042 hours of clocked mech simulator time to good use in finding out what is really going on in the Solaris 7 games.

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