Sunday, July 10, 2011

S. O. S. Profile: Fritz "Fritzkrieg" Gruber - KIA

Name: Fritz "Hans" Gruber 

Callsign: "Fritzkrieg"

Player: Scott

Faction: Federated Suns - House Davion

Rank: None

Unit: None

Current Battlemech:
Black Knight BL-12-KNT

Arena Kills:1.5

Best finish:
7th (of 12) - Boreal Reach "Devil's Bath" - Battle #3 (KIA)

Current Stable: none

Current Sponsors: none


Fritz Gruber is an interesting sort with a sordid past. He started life on the edge of civilized Davion space on a backwater planet near the periphery. His childhood saw him leading his friends into trouble by concocting all sorts of overly complicated schemes that  would generally not end as planned. As a young adult this trend continued as he began to run a crime spree throughout the planet and eventually neighboring systems with larger and more complex capers that either failed spectacularly, or were somehow were wildly successful. 

He made a great deal of money and bought some land from some of the outland barons and set up a ranch, where he fancied himself a pulp hero from the ancient vids, even going so far as to carry outdated pistols and dressing up like a cowboy and fighting pistol duels. He also used his wealth to buy mechs and set up duels and contests versus other mechwarriors, eventually becoming proficient as a pilot. 

Eventually one of his failures led to his capture, conviction and sentencing to a penal facility on "The Rock" far in Lyran area of the Federated Commonwealth.  When the planet was attacked by the clans in 3049, the prison was destroyed.  He used his pistol skills to kill a clanner who was doing field repairs, and his mech skills to capture some more mechs and supplies. Leading a number of prisoners, he lead several daring raids and earned a name for himself. Although he was using the situation to enrich himself and had dreams of an eventual return to being a robber baron, this scheme also did not turn out as planned. He had so many high profile victories, he was eventually pardoned, and even considered a Davion hero. 

He was not sure what to do with this newfound fame but determined to use it to amass a new fortune, and happened across a Davion sponsor for Solaris 7, and a new Star was born. His fighting style is much like his life, force a decisive engagement, and plan to  hit the jackpot.  This almost always leads to fireworks, if not victories, making him a fan favorite.

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