Monday, July 11, 2011

After Action Report: Battle #1

Setting: The Factory


Dave Hatchetman HCT-3F
Dereck Hunchback HBK-4P
Fab Firefly           FFL-4A
Gregg Locust       LCT-1V
Jay Brigand        LTD-X2
Jeff Wyvern WVE-5N
Kyle Blackjack       BJ-3
Mitch UrbanMech UM-R70
Rob Vindicator VND-3L
Scott Watchman WTC-4DM

 Order of Elimination

  1. Mitch - Ejected - No kill credit given (no one shot the prior turn)
  2. Derek - CT destruction - Dave, Gregg, Kyle Kill
  3. Jay - Surrendered - Rob solo Kill
  4. Gregg - Withdraw
  5. Jeff - CT destruction - Rob / Fab kill
  6. Scott - KIA - Dave solo kill
  7. Dave - CT destruction - Kyle solo kill
  8. Kyle - Surrendered - Rob / Fab kill
  9. Fab - Ammo Explosion / ejected - Rob solo kill
  10. Rob - Winner
Key Moments:

Mitch showing us all the wonders of the Rotary AC5.
Jeff attempting and failing to both DFA and then Push Scott off the 8 level high building.
Jay losing a leg in the fall after being kicked.
Dave rolling boxcars twice - head capping Scott with an AC10 round...12, I'll use my edge, 12....WOW!

Unfortunately the Factory seating did not sell out so the contest was blacked out for broadcast....meaning I forgot to bring the camera down and take any pictures...GAH!  Someone please remind me next time.

(Going through the kills I noticed some scoring stuff was missed...making adjustments to the current standings.  Missed both of Fab's assisted kills one of my assisted kills and I had messed up )

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