Monday, July 11, 2011

Off Board Time: After Battle #1

Off Board tracking page for all transactions after Battle #1.

This will be the one stop place to see what everyone has done with their off board time.

The off board time order was determined by the order of elimination.

1) Mayday (Mitch)

Repaired Urbanmech UM-R70
Sold Urbanmech UM-R70
Bought Thunderbolt TDR-7SE

2) Ace (Dereck)

Repaired Hunchback HBK-4P 

3) Irish (Jay)

Repaired Brigand LTD-X2
Sold Brigand LTD-X2
Bought Hunchback HBK-5H

4) Crash'n'Burn (Gregg)

Repaired Locust LCT-1V
Purchased Jenner JR7-D 

5) Bad Wolf (Jeff)

Given fallback mech Wolfhound WLF-2

6) Fritzkrieg (Scott) 

Mechwarrior Viper KIA, Watchman WTC-4DM mech given to Dave
CIP: Made new Mechwarrior (Fritzkrieg)
Given $4,000,000 C-bills
Purchased Hunchback HBK-5P

7) Honey Badger (Dave)

Given Watchman WTC-4DM (Scott headcap)
Repaired Watchman WTC-4DM
Sold Watchman WTC-4DM
Repaired Hatchetman HCT-3F

8) Firebush (Kyle)

Repaired Blackjack BJ-3

9) Flashy (Fab)   

Repaired Firefly FFL-4A
Sold Firefly FFL-4A
Purchased Locust IIC


10) Peacekeeper (Rob)

Repaired Vindicator VND-3L


END OFF BOARD TIME - On to Battle #2

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