Monday, July 11, 2011

After Action Report: Battle #2A

Setting: Ishiyama "Stone Mountain"


Dereck Hunchback HBK-4P
Gregg Jenner       JR7-D
Jay Hunchback HBK-5H
Jeff Wolfhound WLF-2
Mitch Thunderbolt

 Order of Elimination

  1. Jay - Surrendered - Jeff, Gregg, Mitch shared kill
  2. Jeff - CT destruction - Mitch solo kill
  3. Gregg - CT destruction - Dereck solo kill
  4. Mitch - Surrendered - Dereck solo kill
  5. Dereck - Winner
Key Events

Jeff needing a fallback mech, as he was unable to repair his Wyvern.  
Jay and Mitch going toe to toe off the bat.
Dereck finding a level 2 pit
Jay showing us how to scrape the paint off his mech using the walls of the caverns.

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