Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Red" Reviews: Ostroc OST-2D (refit)

Name: Ostroc OST-2D (refit)

Mech Class: Heavy

Weight: 60 Tons

Tech Base: Inner Sphere

Primary Manufacturer:
Most Inner Sphere powers

Olympiad Mechwarrior:
Paul "Ace" Frehley (Dereck)

The Ostroc is a heavy 'Mech, weighing in at the lower end of its weight class. The Ostroc was originally designed to act as an urban combat 'Mech. The Ostroc's speed and firepower allow the 'Mech to serve as both an urban combat 'Mech and as a front line combat 'Mech. It also has the capability to keep up with most lighter 'Mechs with its top speed of 86.4 km/h. The Ostroc is well protected by its nine tons of armor.

The OSR-2D initially was introduced with Single heat sinks, which gave the mech one of the worst heat dissipation rates of all Battlemechs. A Refit kit was introduced in 3055 that added the double heat sinks as the designers originally had planned.  Upgraded with Star League technology, the 2D variant of the Ostroc extends the 'Mechs maximum range by replacing the Large Lasers with two ER Large Lasers. The 2D retains the Medium Lasers and SRM-4 of the 2C model.

Saffron's Analysis:  
The Refit of the OST-2D is a very capable machine.  With all the weapons torso mounted, this mech can lose both arms with no loss of firepower.  The weaponless arms with Hands also means this mech will not lose any firepower having to choose between shooting or making a punching or pushing type attack.

Rear and Arm armor is light for a mech this size.  With no arm or rear mounted weapons, it can not bring any weapon to target a mech standing behind it.  

Rating: 7 of 10

Tech Readout:

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