Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stable: The Hangmen

Name: The Hangmen

Any Periphery

Rating: F

Mechs Lists Available: 

Minimum Fame Required: 3

Character Point (CP) Cost: 5

C-Bill Entry Fee:   500,000

Special Abilities:  Relatively new Stable, eager to make a name for itself.
  • Initiative Bonus. If more than 3 active mechs are on the battlefield, this mechwarrior cannot be 1st to move.  If their card is flipped first, place to side and flip another initiative card.  If that card also has the "Initiative Bonus" ability also place it to the side, flip until a card without Initiative Bonus is flipped.  Once one mech has moved all Initiative bonus mechs whose cards have been flipped move in the order they were originally flipped.  If there are 3 or fewer mechs remaining the Initiative Bonus ability has no effect. If all remaining mechwarriors have the Initiative Bonus ability, the ability has no effect.

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