Wednesday, July 6, 2011

S. O. S. Profile: Kristopher "Bad Wolf" Radick

Name: Kristopher Radick

Callsign: "Bad Wolf"

Player: Jeff

Faction: Clan Wolf in Exile

Rank: Star Captain

Unit: 1st Wolf Guardian Cluster "Night Runners"
Omega Galaxy

Current Battlemechs:
Nova (Blackhawk) - Prime & H
Stormcrow (Ryoken) - B & C
Griffin IIC

Arena Kills: 9

Best finish:
1st (of 12) - Devil's Bath - Battle #3

Current Stable: Zellbrigen

Current Sponsors: none


When the Olympiad was announced throughout the Clan Wolf (in exile) there was much excitement. Internally the clan had a series of challenges by those that wished to represent the Clan in such a prestigious event. Much to the Khan's surprise a lesser known bloodnamed Star Captain charged with a simple Binary won against the odds using fierce determination and innovative tactics.

Khan Phelan Kell himself dubbed him the "Bad Wolf" both as a comment on his prowess and on their exiled status. Radick hopes that his victories will show the other clans that his clan has made the right decision and that by his example his misguided brethren will come around.

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