Monday, July 11, 2011

Off Board Time: After Battle #2

Off Board tracking page for all transactions after Battle #2.

This will be the one stop place to see what everyone has done with their off board time.

The off board time order was determined by the order of elimination alternating between Battle 2A and 2B, with battle 2A getting the first slot.

*** Current Player *** by your player name indicates it is that players turn to purchase a mech.  You can purchase a mech after everyone has had a chance, but it is first come first serve at that point.
Will move this marker down as players email me their choices.  Watch this page as it will update all month long.

1) Irish (Jay)

Repaired Hunchback HBK-5H

2) Fritzkrieg (Scott)  - tiebreaker - lower fame than Kyle

Repaired Hunchback HBK-5P
Sold Hunchback HBK-5P
Bought Black Knight BL-12-KNT

3) Bad Wolf (Jeff) 

Repaired Wyvern WVE-5N
Returned fallback mech Wolfhound WLF-2

4) Firebush (Kyle) 

Repaired Blackjack BJ-3
Joined Tandrek Stables
Purchased Cool Hand Skill
Purchased Toughness Ability
Sold Wasp WSP-1A (award from Battle #1)

5) Crash'n'Burn (Gregg)  

Repaired Jenner JR7-D
Sold Locust LCT-1V (Starting mech)
Purchased Cool Hand Skill

6) Truckasaurus (Dave) 

Lost Hatchetman (But not given to Fab as it was not a headcap, but Fab didn't lose the Fame either)
CIP: Created new Mechwarrior - Cyril "Truckasaurus" Spencer
Given $4 million C-bills for new mech.
Bought Awesome AWS-9Q
Bought Ability: Weapon Specialist: Inner Sphere PPC...(Hmmmm...4 PPC's shooting at a base skill of 1)

7) Mayday (Mitch) 

Repaired Thunderbolt TDR-7SE
Sold T-Bolt
Sold Enforcer
Bought Hatchetman HCT-6D
Purchased Cluster Expert (Direct fire) skill
Learned Melee Expert Skill

8) Peacekeeper (Rob)  

Repaired Vindicator VND-3L
Joined Tandrek Stables
Upgraded Vindicator VND-3L to VND-5L variant using "A rated" Stable
Added Sponsor: OSG Productions 
Purchased Toughness Ability
Sold Snake SNK-1V (Award from Battle #1)
Sold Panther PNT-9R (Award from Battle 2B)
Purchased Improved Piloting (1) Ability
Added Sponsor: Shengli Arms

9) Ace (Dereck) 

Repaired Hunchback HBK-4P
Sold Thunderbolt TDR-5S
Bought Ostroc OSR-2D
Brought in Barrymore Munitions as a Sponsor
Bought Toughness Skill
Purchased Cool Hand Ability

10) Flashy (Fab)   

Bought Two Fame Points
Joined Zellbrigen Stable
Repaired Locust IIC
Sold Locust IIC
Sold Jenner IIC
Sold Fire Moth A
Purchased Vapor Eagle (Goshawk)
Purchased Dodge skill

11) Katana (Lee)

Bought Diamyo DMO-4K

12) Apollo (Larry)
Bought Hunchback HBK-4H

13) Prez (Josh)
Bought Kintaro KTO-19

Bought Dodge Skill
Purchased Speed Demon Skill

End Off Board Time for Battle #2, Start Battle #3 Preparations 
(all players free to buy and sell on a first come first serve basis)

Off Board Time: After Battle #1

Off Board tracking page for all transactions after Battle #1.

This will be the one stop place to see what everyone has done with their off board time.

The off board time order was determined by the order of elimination.

1) Mayday (Mitch)

Repaired Urbanmech UM-R70
Sold Urbanmech UM-R70
Bought Thunderbolt TDR-7SE

2) Ace (Dereck)

Repaired Hunchback HBK-4P 

3) Irish (Jay)

Repaired Brigand LTD-X2
Sold Brigand LTD-X2
Bought Hunchback HBK-5H

4) Crash'n'Burn (Gregg)

Repaired Locust LCT-1V
Purchased Jenner JR7-D 

5) Bad Wolf (Jeff)

Given fallback mech Wolfhound WLF-2

6) Fritzkrieg (Scott) 

Mechwarrior Viper KIA, Watchman WTC-4DM mech given to Dave
CIP: Made new Mechwarrior (Fritzkrieg)
Given $4,000,000 C-bills
Purchased Hunchback HBK-5P

7) Honey Badger (Dave)

Given Watchman WTC-4DM (Scott headcap)
Repaired Watchman WTC-4DM
Sold Watchman WTC-4DM
Repaired Hatchetman HCT-3F

8) Firebush (Kyle)

Repaired Blackjack BJ-3

9) Flashy (Fab)   

Repaired Firefly FFL-4A
Sold Firefly FFL-4A
Purchased Locust IIC


10) Peacekeeper (Rob)

Repaired Vindicator VND-3L


END OFF BOARD TIME - On to Battle #2

After Action Report: Battle #2B

Setting: Ishiyama "Stone Mountain"


Dave Hatchetman HCT-3F
Fab Locust IIC
Kyle Blackjack       BJ-3
Rob Vindicator VND-3L
Scott Hunchback 

 Order of Elimination

1. Scott - Surrendered - Kyle Solo kill - tied for 1st out
1. Kyle - Surrendered - Scott Solo kill - tied for 1st out
3. Dave - KIA - Ammo explosion - Fab Solo kill
4. Rob - Surrendered - Fab Solo kill
5. Fab - Winner
    Key Moments:

    Scott and Kyle pounding each other to the point of falling over and surrendering the same turn.
    Dave running around and hitting 3 treasure flares for 250,000 C-Bills
    Fabby flanking Dave in his Hatchetman, and critting the CT ejection in the tunnels so Honey Badger is dead.
    Rob missing with the ERPPC twice at close range on the Locust IIC,  then falling after taking 20 Points of damage twice.

    (Going through the kills I noticed some scoring stuff was messed up...I had incorrectly marked my surrender as -3 fame rather than -1...corrected)

    After Action Report: Battle #2A

    Setting: Ishiyama "Stone Mountain"


    Dereck Hunchback HBK-4P
    Gregg Jenner       JR7-D
    Jay Hunchback HBK-5H
    Jeff Wolfhound WLF-2
    Mitch Thunderbolt

     Order of Elimination

    1. Jay - Surrendered - Jeff, Gregg, Mitch shared kill
    2. Jeff - CT destruction - Mitch solo kill
    3. Gregg - CT destruction - Dereck solo kill
    4. Mitch - Surrendered - Dereck solo kill
    5. Dereck - Winner
    Key Events

    Jeff needing a fallback mech, as he was unable to repair his Wyvern.  
    Jay and Mitch going toe to toe off the bat.
    Dereck finding a level 2 pit
    Jay showing us how to scrape the paint off his mech using the walls of the caverns.

    After Action Report: Battle #1

    Setting: The Factory


    Dave Hatchetman HCT-3F
    Dereck Hunchback HBK-4P
    Fab Firefly           FFL-4A
    Gregg Locust       LCT-1V
    Jay Brigand        LTD-X2
    Jeff Wyvern WVE-5N
    Kyle Blackjack       BJ-3
    Mitch UrbanMech UM-R70
    Rob Vindicator VND-3L
    Scott Watchman WTC-4DM

     Order of Elimination

    1. Mitch - Ejected - No kill credit given (no one shot the prior turn)
    2. Derek - CT destruction - Dave, Gregg, Kyle Kill
    3. Jay - Surrendered - Rob solo Kill
    4. Gregg - Withdraw
    5. Jeff - CT destruction - Rob / Fab kill
    6. Scott - KIA - Dave solo kill
    7. Dave - CT destruction - Kyle solo kill
    8. Kyle - Surrendered - Rob / Fab kill
    9. Fab - Ammo Explosion / ejected - Rob solo kill
    10. Rob - Winner
    Key Moments:

    Mitch showing us all the wonders of the Rotary AC5.
    Jeff attempting and failing to both DFA and then Push Scott off the 8 level high building.
    Jay losing a leg in the fall after being kicked.
    Dave rolling boxcars twice - head capping Scott with an AC10 round...12, I'll use my edge, 12....WOW!

    Unfortunately the Factory seating did not sell out so the contest was blacked out for broadcast....meaning I forgot to bring the camera down and take any pictures...GAH!  Someone please remind me next time.

    (Going through the kills I noticed some scoring stuff was missed...making adjustments to the current standings.  Missed both of Fab's assisted kills one of my assisted kills and I had messed up )

    Sunday, July 10, 2011

    S. O. S. Profile: Fritz "Fritzkrieg" Gruber - KIA

    Name: Fritz "Hans" Gruber 

    Callsign: "Fritzkrieg"

    Player: Scott

    Faction: Federated Suns - House Davion

    Rank: None

    Unit: None

    Current Battlemech:
    Black Knight BL-12-KNT

    Arena Kills:1.5

    Best finish:
    7th (of 12) - Boreal Reach "Devil's Bath" - Battle #3 (KIA)

    Current Stable: none

    Current Sponsors: none


    Fritz Gruber is an interesting sort with a sordid past. He started life on the edge of civilized Davion space on a backwater planet near the periphery. His childhood saw him leading his friends into trouble by concocting all sorts of overly complicated schemes that  would generally not end as planned. As a young adult this trend continued as he began to run a crime spree throughout the planet and eventually neighboring systems with larger and more complex capers that either failed spectacularly, or were somehow were wildly successful. 

    He made a great deal of money and bought some land from some of the outland barons and set up a ranch, where he fancied himself a pulp hero from the ancient vids, even going so far as to carry outdated pistols and dressing up like a cowboy and fighting pistol duels. He also used his wealth to buy mechs and set up duels and contests versus other mechwarriors, eventually becoming proficient as a pilot. 

    Eventually one of his failures led to his capture, conviction and sentencing to a penal facility on "The Rock" far in Lyran area of the Federated Commonwealth.  When the planet was attacked by the clans in 3049, the prison was destroyed.  He used his pistol skills to kill a clanner who was doing field repairs, and his mech skills to capture some more mechs and supplies. Leading a number of prisoners, he lead several daring raids and earned a name for himself. Although he was using the situation to enrich himself and had dreams of an eventual return to being a robber baron, this scheme also did not turn out as planned. He had so many high profile victories, he was eventually pardoned, and even considered a Davion hero. 

    He was not sure what to do with this newfound fame but determined to use it to amass a new fortune, and happened across a Davion sponsor for Solaris 7, and a new Star was born. His fighting style is much like his life, force a decisive engagement, and plan to  hit the jackpot.  This almost always leads to fireworks, if not victories, making him a fan favorite.