Friday, January 13, 2012

Tonight's event (1/13) Cancelled due to bad weather.

Hey Guys...

  Gonna cancel tonight's event due to the road conditions and weather that is coming in.

Will try to reschedule before another whole month goes by, will be in touch.


Assassin Event...tonight!

Yeah I know it has been a while since I posted.  I have been focused on setting up the next campaign...anyway to focus on tonight's event.

1) We will have a smaller number guessing 8-9 players.  (Fab, Lee, Dereck, Gregg, Jeff, Larry, Kyle, Rob, Jim)

2) Who is Jim?  He's my brother, coming down from Bangor to roll some dice.  He has yet to name his Mechwarrior, But  here is the low down.  

Faction: Jade Falcon.  Skills: Improved Piloting, Weapon Specialist: Clan ERPPC.  Mech: Marauder IIC

3) Won't he screw up the assassin pool?  Nope, he is going to take an envelope of one of the players that is not there (Dave, Scott, Mitch, Jay), and take their place in the assassin loop.

4) MECH CHECK.  At any time anyone can call for a mech which point you will state your name and point to where your mech is located on the map.  This will help people find their target mech, without giving away who you are secretly trying to hunt.  So Instead of saying..."Hey Rob, which mech is your's?"  you can just call for a mech check.

See yah tonight.