Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Arena Rules: Ishiyama - The Stone Mountain (Kurita)

Ishiyama - The Stone Mountain
The Kurita area is actually a series of tunnels dug into a man-made mountain. Stone Mountain provides a hide-and-seek style engagement. There is also electromagnetic interference from the materials that the mountain is made of, making any fight here unpredictable. The "mountain" was built in 3007 in Kobe District.

Specific Rules for Ishyama are as follows.

No Jumping:
You are in an undergound tunnel...there is no room to jump.

No Ejecting:  Should you eject from your mech in this arena, the mechwarrior will make a nice smear on the tunnel ceiling.

Falls:  Should you fall and are within 1" of a wall you may take extra falling damage.  Yes you still fall where you were standing, but you might scrape along the wall on your way down doing extra damage.  Roll for direction of the fall as normal and if you have a wall iwthin 1" of that directon you will have hit the wall on your way down.  You will take an extra 1 point for every 20 tons of your mech.

Random map every time:
Where we are using Slate rocks to create the Tunnel walls, the map can be set up differently for every time we battle in Ishiyama.  It is a big place after all.

Starting Postions:
All the starting positions will be along the table edge.  All staring position will not start within line of sight of another starting position.  The number of starting positions will be different each time we set up this map.  Any place along the table edge that is not blocked by a rock is a valid starting position (or withdrawl point.)

Terrain Coins:
The 2" terrain pieces to represent where random items are located on the map. We will call these "Terrain Coins" for lack of a better term.

The exact number of Terrain Coins is randomly determined prior to each match.
If there are 6 or fewer competitors then roll a d6, if there are more then 6 players then roll 2d6.
These will be placed at least 8" from any starting position, and no closer than 4" from another terrain coin.  These should be placed out of line of sight from the starting positions as well.  The terrain coins should be placed before players pick their starting positions.

The first time a mech moves into Line of Sight to a Terrain coin roll a D6.  On a 1 or a 6 replace the coin with a Earthen Berm.  These Berms have a CF of 15, and cost 1MP to move over and are capable of providing partial cover to a mechs legs.  The player that spotted the berm is the one that places it on the table.  It may be in any direction, but must be centered on where the terrain coin was located.  On a roll of 2-5 leave the terrain coin in place. 

Exactly what the "Terrain Coin" has will be randomly determined at the time it is stepped on by a mech, not all the results are bad.  When a mech moves onto a Terrain coin, interrupt the mechs movement, roll a D6 and consult the chart below.

  1. Minefield - 10 Point Minefield, remains in play,  May be removed using Minefield removal rules.  Activating mech may continue it's movement. 
  2. Hidden Pit! - The mech falls into a 2 level deep hidden pit, taking falling damage from a 2 level fall.  The activating mech may use any remaining movement to attempt to stand and climb out of the pit and continue their movement. 
  3. Nothing.  Remove the terrain coin.  The Mech may continue their move. 
  4. Nothing.  Remove the terrain coin.  The Mech may continue their move.
  5. Lesser Treasure Flare.  Remove the coin. The activating mech is awarded 50,000 C-Bills.  The activating mech may continue it's movement.
  6. Greater Treasure Flare.   Remove the coin. The activating mech is awarded 100,000 C-Bills and may roll the Die again.  If the result of the new roll is a 6 the Mech gets another 100,000 C-Bills.  The player keeps rolling getting another 100,000 C-Bills for every 6 that is rolled, but stopping when the first non-6 result is rolled.  The activating mech may continue it's movement.

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