Monday, July 11, 2011

After Action Report: Battle #2B

Setting: Ishiyama "Stone Mountain"


Dave Hatchetman HCT-3F
Fab Locust IIC
Kyle Blackjack       BJ-3
Rob Vindicator VND-3L
Scott Hunchback 

 Order of Elimination

1. Scott - Surrendered - Kyle Solo kill - tied for 1st out
1. Kyle - Surrendered - Scott Solo kill - tied for 1st out
3. Dave - KIA - Ammo explosion - Fab Solo kill
4. Rob - Surrendered - Fab Solo kill
5. Fab - Winner
    Key Moments:

    Scott and Kyle pounding each other to the point of falling over and surrendering the same turn.
    Dave running around and hitting 3 treasure flares for 250,000 C-Bills
    Fabby flanking Dave in his Hatchetman, and critting the CT ejection in the tunnels so Honey Badger is dead.
    Rob missing with the ERPPC twice at close range on the Locust IIC,  then falling after taking 20 Points of damage twice.

    (Going through the kills I noticed some scoring stuff was messed up...I had incorrectly marked my surrender as -3 fame rather than -1...corrected)

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