Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tracking events, and Counting "Kills"

One of the toughest things to keep track of in this game is what happened when.  I'm going to try to do it this way to start and see how it goes.

There will be one "Tracking Clipboard".  This "TC" will be held by a 4th person observing the shooting and physicals (Attacker, Defender, dude checking the hit location charts, and the TC guy).  On the legal pad that is on the TC there will be columns for "Who" "Event" and "Target".  The TC won't have to write down all the amounts of fame or C-Bills earned just the "event" such as dealing 20 points of damage, or "Kill Solo".  I'll be the default "TC" and like I said we will see how it goes.  I have a couple of "What to track" posters set up downstairs for all to see, and know what we should be looking for.

So when someone is eliminated, we can copy everything they did by checking the "Who" column on to another sheet of paper.  Then with that paper, they could start their "Off Board Time", repairing their mechs, upgrading their character, etc.

Next is the "Who gets credit for a Kill".  This I can see as being a sticking point of the campaign.  The rules are located on the "Earning CP, Fame and C-Bills" page.  But here is some clarification.

All the damage you may have done during a prior turn is irrelevant.  Only the current turn matters, so if you have pounded on a target for 4 turns then on turn 5 you hit the target in the arms and legs, but another mech hits it in the CT killing it, they will get the kill, not you.  Chances are if you pounded on someone for 4 turns you should have at least "Crippled" them, and gotten credit for that.  If not get better mech, or better dice. 

This can get tricky, and that is where "Shared kills" come in to play.  Say a mech has 8 CT internals left, and two guys hit it in the CT, Guy A for 5, Guy B for 10.  Here is how we will handle this.  If we were to say only guy B would get the kill...that would mean we would have to keep track of where everyone's damage was at the start of each round.  But if we say Everyone that hits the CT (or Side torso with an XL engine kill) the turn of a mechs death will get part of a "Kill - Assisted"  That way we will only have to track who did damage to the CT that turn.  Much easier that way, cause I can't image more than 3 guys would be shooting at any one target that often.  Yes this will give an ever so slight advantage to the SRM / LBX carrying mechs who can spread their damage around.

So in summary:
*** Any mech that does damage in a given phase to the location that causes a mechs destruction will be credited with a "Kill - Assisted" ***

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