Monday, May 2, 2011

Ishiyama Arena...potential.


The Kurita area is actually a series of tunnels dug into a man-made mountain. Stone Mountain provides a hide-and-seek style engagement. There is also electromagnetic interference from the materials that the mountain is made of, making any fight here unpredictable. The "mountain" was built in 3007 in Kobe District.

I've been wondering how I was going to make this great arena in 3D in a relatively cheap manner.   Initially my idea was to go crazy with some 2 1/2 " thick pin foam insulation and a wire cutter.  Carving out tunnels then some how gluing it to a board with some painted plexiglass for the water areas. 

So I was doing a little yard work this weekend while raking I uncovered a piece of slate.  It is about 15" long by 6" wide and 3" thick.  I picked it up and set it aside Initially thinking, that will make a heck of an impassible hill for 40K.  Then I did a little more raking and uncovered a larger one...still about 3" thick and the uber-cheap version of Ishiyama came into my head.  If I could find enough of this slate that was at least 3" thick, I could place it on a table with the space between the rocks being the "Tunnel floors".

So while contining the yard work, I kept finding these pieces of slate that were added to the pile.  At the end of thee day I have enough to cover a 6' x 4' table.  Smallest being a 6" triange still 3" thick.  Largest being about 30" long, 10" wide and 8" thick!  Still got to clean some of them off, figure I can get the kids to help with that.  It is not that brittle slate either, this stuff is pretty solid.  I have enough to make quite the maze of tunnels on that table.  I can still place the blue painted plexiglass down for the water areas.  Best part is the rocks are all flat on the top as well, so If we wanted to use the rocks for a Rocky terrain board where mechs could climb or jump atop the rocks, we could do that as well.

I'll post some pics one the rocks are cleaned and set up on a table. 

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