Monday, September 12, 2011

Commando Challenge - Battle #7

Archon Katrina Steiner of the Lyran Alliance has become quite infatuated with the first Solaris Olympiad and has made a generous donation for the contest.

Battle #7 will be known as the Commando Challenge.  The Archon has provided Olympiad Officials with 15 of the brand new Commando COM-7S models for our use.  The setting will be the Steiner Coliseum.  All mechwarriors will be assigned one of the Commandos.  No Modifications may be made to the Commandos.  The contest will be a true test of a mechwarriors skills.

To make things even more interesting is the award the Archon has announced for this Battle. 

The first four contestants eliminated will be given 4 Million C-bills each.

All other contestants not finishing in the top 3 places will be awarded 2 Million C-Bills each.

The Archon has also approved some quite generous awards for the top three finishers.  Not only will they be awarded a mech, but the mech they win will have all repairs and parts cost covered for the rest of the Olympiad.  No modifications may be made to these mechs.  The mech may be sold back to the marketplace at 75% of it's base value.  The mech may be sold to another player (along with the free repairs) for at least 75% of it's base value.

Third place will be awarded a Nightsky NGS-4S (and 1 Fame)

Second Place will be awarded an Axman AXM-1N (and 2 Fame)

First place will be awarded a Penetrator PTR-4D (and 3 Fame)

OOC:  Think of this event as an IROC race.  Everyone gets the exact same mech and it is all about the skill and the luck.  You will still get all cash, CP and fame awards like a regular match.  the commandos have CASE, so it will be highly unlikely that someone actually dies in one of these. 

Idea for this event was in two parts.
1st how to fit in a quick game with all 13 of us on one table.  Having mechs with 56 points of armor that can deal 26 per turn just shooting should be quick.  They also have the Steiner light engine, so 2 engine internals in each of the side I said...quick.

2nd was to Throw some "Free repair" mechs out there.  Think of them as improved fallback mechs for later in the campaign.  These mechs are also a field leveler, where they help the lower players, but willnot be used by the top players.  I see only the Penetrator being an "End Game" mech, where the other two are nice, but the XL engines will have them looking for better mechs.

There will be other "Challenge events" down the road with other "Challenge award" mechs that have free repairs tied to them.

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