Sunday, April 17, 2011

To do list for the Campaign...

Here is what I have left to do before we can kick off this campaign in no particular order...

  • Link all Stables to Faction (Done)
  • Set starting C-Bill amount  (Done,  4 Million C- Bills, Done)
  • Decide how many mechwarriors each player will have...(Done, One, unlimited class)
Still working on...
  • Decide do we run one battle at a time or have two tables going.  With half the players at each table, or each player running a mech in two battles.  (Probably a little of both)
  • Review Iniative.  Card based, use cards for fire declaration as well, and for Shooting (Will help determine kill shots)
  • Review bonuses each Stable will give you.
  • Get images for each stable...Do writeup on each stable...Link in menu on right side of blog
  • Build Steiner Arena on 6' x 4' table. (2" wide by 1.5" high stackable walls)
  • Build Factory Arena on 6' x 4' table
  • Review and tweak repair rules
  • Find / Consider modification rules.  
  • Consider where and if to add Solaris specific mechs.
 That's the starting point...sure there is more to come.

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  1. Productive day today. Managed to build one of the buildings from the factory map. Still needs a paint job, but oh it will be fun to play on.