Monday, July 25, 2011

Rough Draft of Battle Schedule, Idea for September Event...

So I was thinking about our September event.  The Coliseum should be done by then, and I definitely want it to be the setting for that months "Grand Melee".

It is also very easy to set up, as I have mounted it on a board that I can store under one of the tables.

I also can pull out the 3rd table, and we could have three battles going at once.  So here are my thoughts, please shoot them down or poke holes.

Rather than doing the "Grand Melee" (where all players of that night are on the table at once) first.  We will randomly assign folks and split them up onto Three tables (4 or 5 players each).  We do those battles first, then bring everyone back together for the 2nd battle  of the night (Grand Melee) in the Coliseum.
Off board time would be on a first come first serve basis after the triple battle, so it is to your advantage to play quickly.

What do you think?

Rough draft of battle schedule.

#3 - Devils Bath (13 players) *First time on map
#4A - Hartford Gardens (First 7 players out of Battle #3) *First time on map
#4B - (Last 6 players) Hartford Gardens if 4A is done otherwise d6  (1-3) Factory - (4-6) Devils Bath

#5A - Hartford Gardens (Random 4-5 players)
#5B - Factory (Random 4-5 Players)
#5C - Ishiyama (Random 4-5 Players)
#6 - Coliseum (13 players) *First time on map
(Swap order if folks are concerned about the time...)

#7 - The Jungle (13 players) *First time on map
#8A - Devils Bath (First 7 out of #7)
#8B - (Last 6 players) Devils Bath if available, otherwise d6 (1-3) Jungle - (4-6) Factory

#9 Royal Rumble! - Coliseum - Random assignment First two contestants enter on turn #1, then either every turn or every other turn a new mech enters (to be determined, every turn might be too soon for mechs to be eliminated, every other might take too long...turn 12 for last mech entering or turn 23).
Entrants pick their entry point before the start of the turn, when the walls and pylons move.

if time allows...
#10A - Ishiyama (First 7 out of #9)
#10B - (Last 6 players) Ishiyama if available, otherwise d6 (1-3) Factory - (4-6) Hartford Gardens

Ishiyama (13 players)

3 smaller battles (5,4,4)

Survivor Series @ Hartford Gardens (13 Players)
Divy teams into equal teams no bigger than a Lance / Star depending upon the number of players, (12 = 4 lances, 13 = 2 Lances, 1 Star) - Team is eliminated when last mech of that team is eliminated.  Team gets awards.  See Survivor Series post for details on match.

3 smaller battles (5,4,4)

#11 Bracket Tourney (Duels) - Random maps - Random Seeding - No repairs or MW healing, Reloading ammo OK between rounds.  Lowest Fame gets the Byes (Levels the field)  Overall contest prizes same as if single map (Murphy's same as regular map, Contest winners may roll on Clan table of their choice.)

#12 Tag Team Matches - Random Maps, Random Tag Teams - Team eliminated when one mech of team eliminated.  If odd number of players that night - drop the tag teams and do Duels tournament like in January.

#13 Assassin! - You are given one target and must eliminate only that target.  When you eliminate your target that players target as your new target.  Will assign targets in order so that it is one big "loop" and all the other players will have to have been eliminated before you get yourself as a target.   (Factory Map)





  1. How would you work the payouts and when would you know who you were against in each arena?

  2. Payouts are set and determined by the number of contestants in each battle.

    Re-worded the link to say "Prizes" before "engaged" so it would be easier to see, also moved it up to the top row of the menu.

    When would you know....the Default is Random draw the night of the game. So no prep time. Although, we could draw at the end of the night in Aug to see what the 3 matchups are to start the September event. Issue with doing that is What if someone misses the Sept event when they are in a 4 person match?

    I am thinking about adding a "Announce your mech" phase after everyone has done their off-board time. So if you had multiple mechs, You might know your next match is in the tunnels, so you "announce" your taking your non-jumping mech. Would add another layer of strategy. Thinking Top fame would announce first, to give those behind a little bit of a bump. Still a work in progress.