Thursday, July 21, 2011

Devils Bath & Hartford Gardens (Pics and Video)

Couple of shots of the Two arenas for next months battles.

First up Boreal Reach in "The Devil's Bath" configuration.

Contest Prizes for Battle #3:
1st Place: Roll on the Federated Suns "A" Assault table, Or your Factions "A" Assault table. (Thanks Dave)
2nd Place: Roll on Fed Suns "F" Assault table, or lowest Assault table of your faction.
3rd Place: Roll on Fed Suns "F" Heavy table, or lowest Heavy table for your faction.

Murphy Awards for Battle #3:
10th Place: 1 Million C-Bills
11th Place: 2 Million C-Bills
12th Place: 3 million C-Bills
13th Place: 4 Million C-Bills

Second, Hartford Gardens

Battle 4A will be held at Hartford Gardens, First 6 eliminated will start their next battle here..  Battle 4B may as well, if Battle 4A finishes before Battle #3 does, then 4B will be at Hartford Gardens.

If Battle 4A is still going when Battle #3 is over, then roll a d6 1-3 = The Factory, 4-6 = Devil's Bath (Again).

Finally a Video walking though both arenas.

Lookin' forward to it.

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