Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Battle #3, Fight Card

Hello Solaris Fans!

This is Duncan Fisher coming to you live from Boreal Reach!   Let me tell yah folks, the Davion folks have pulled out all stops for this event.  Boreal Reach looks just like "The Devil's Bath" area on Tukayyid.  The heat will be a key factor in tonight's contest, the mechwarrior that can keep his mech cool will have quite the advantage over his competitors.

The under cards have fought now we are on to our Main event!  We are two sessions into the Series and things are starting to get interesting.  Harry Flashman from the Ghost Bear Dominion has an early lead after placing 2nd in Battle #1 and taking the top spot in the following Battle #2B.  "Peacekeeper" Crais is right on his heals, having just swapped finishing order in those same two battles with "Flashy".  "Ace" Frehley took the top spot in Battle #2A after a poor showing in our initial contest.

In this evening's event we have Twelve mechwarrior's squaring off.  The Lyran Alliance mecharrior has arrived, and the issues with "Katana" Shimada's Diamyo have been corrected.  Both are eager to represent their Nations in the arena.

All the contestants bring a wide range of mechs, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Newcomer to the main event grouping is Cyril "Truckasaurus" Spencer takes the place of Randall "Honey Badger" Pelton who didn't survive an Ammo explosion in his Hatchetman when battling in the tunnels of Ishiyama.  Spencer is certainly not a crowd favorite, and will be even less so when he walks his new Awesome AWS-9Q onto the field.  Also somewhat new to the Main event grouping is is Fritz "Fritzkreig" Gruber, having brought in to fill the space left by "Viper" Bayloc's death in Battle #1.  He brings the Davion remodeled version of a Black Knight that has one of their cutting edge targeting computers.  That will either make him a favorite or a favorite target of the session.

Here is how the Solaris Bookmakers see the tonight's contest...Whoah...whoah whaoh!

(Byron "Peacekeeper" Crais bursts onto the set and pushes Duncan Fisher out of the way so that Crais is the only one on camera.)

(Stares at  producer off camera and softly speaks)

I have something important to say.  If you value your limbs in their unbroken state, do not stop this transmission.

(Crais directly to the Camera in a more commanding voice)

Fellow Mechwarriors, I have just been informed of some very disturbing news.  It seems that not all of us in the Olympiad believe that pure skill should be the determining factor of who wins this event.  Some of us apparently feel they must rely on computers to do the work a capable mechwarrior would be able to do with their own abilities.  My blood boils to think that some would stoop to this level.  I will not allow these selections to go unchallenged.

First, I'm placing a One Million C-Bill bounty, claimable by the mechwarrior or shared among the mechwarriors that destroys the Davion Black Knight.  Mr. Gruber wants to flex Davion's technological advances, let us see just how capable the Fedreated Suns cherished targeting computer really is.

Second and more importantly, is our invader from beyond the rim.  Mr. Flashman not only brings a Clan targeting computer into our arena of champions, but he links it with the all too accurate Clan Pulse lasers.  Any raw recruit with this combination would seem like an battle hardened veteran of many campaigns.  Perhaps "Flashy" is a Bear without claws, having to rely on the clans technological advantage to win his battles for him.  I hereby place a Three million C-Bill bounty claimable by the mechwarriors that destroy the Ghost Bear Goshawk.

Be warned the rest of you who might go down this dark path...So long as I have the funds available to me, I will continue to place bounties on those mechs carrying a targeting computer.  

Flashman...I'm coming for you.

(Crais storms off the set.  Duncan Fisher, steps back in front of the camera looking where Crais just left)

Come back anytime there "Peacekeeper".  Well you heard it here first folks...Our first two bounties have been placed.  That should kick things up a notch in the Arena tonight. 

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