Monday, July 18, 2011

Re-written Death rules....

Mechwarrior Death Rules (re-written for Battle #3)

Ok Here are the NEW Rules for Mechwarrior Death.....Sort of a middle ground to keep everyone happy, and I think will be the best for the long run of the campaign.  The current way is too liberal, the reset to 0 to conservative.  

Think of the Solaris Olympiad as a larger series of 50+ contestants (kinda like Scotts suggestion).  We just happen to be running the guys that are the leaders of the contest, or the guys in the "Main Event" of that months contests.  When your guy dies another will be "Called up" to fill the spot in the "Main Event".

When your guy dies, you will make up a new guy (that is considered one of the "other" constants) using the following...

  • Subtract 5 from your Fame with a minimum of 0. (as it was the moment after you die, +all your fame for the battle up to that point, -2 for destroyed mech, -0.5 for being injured).  If you were at Negative Fame when you died, it is reset to 0.
  • You lose all your skills, abilities, stables, sponsors and reserve mechs in your mech bay.  You are not refunded for those losses.
  • Your CP is reset to 10 and  you get +2 for every battle we have had up to this point. So if your guy died in battle #3, you would get 16 CP for your new guy.
  • You lose all your C-Bills resetting them to 0, You receive C-Bills equal to the average value of the all the Battlemechs in the last battle, (fallback mechs count as $0). 
  • Any awards (Murphy or Contest awards) the dead mechwarrior would have received in the contest he died in are forfeit. 
For the purposes of this campaign There are only a few ways for your mechwarrior to die.
  • Taking the 6th pilot hit.
  • Head destruction.
  • Cockpit Critical.
  • Ammo Explosion in a mech without CASE and the auto-eject turned off.
  • Ammo Explosion in the Center Torso with CASE and the auto-eject is turned off. 
  • The head floods when underwater and a structural check is failed. 
  • Ejecting from your mech with a structure directly over your mech. (Ishiyama - tunnels, in a building, under a bridge...)  
For the campaign, if you safely eject from your mech, you will safely land clear of the arena and out of the combat area.

What to do if your mechwarrior dies

  1. Lose your  no longer have it
  2. Subtract 5 from your Fame (add in all fame earned up to and including the moment of the mechwarriors death.)
  3. Set your CP to 0
  4. Get 10CP +2 more CP for each battle we have had in the campaign so far.  Dieing in Battle #3 will get you 16 CP for your new character for Battle #4.
  5. Remove any Skills, abilities, stables, sponsors or reserve mechs you might have had.
  6. Set your C-Bills to $0.
  7. Receive the Average C-Bill value of all mechs in the last battle (combine split battles, meaning all mechs from battle 2A and 2B not just the half you were in).   
  8. Pick your new faction.  (If you want to stay the same you can skip this step)
  9. Create a new Name and Call sign for your new mechwarrior.

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