Monday, April 25, 2011

Keeping track of your mechwarrior...

Here are the key stats of your mechwarrior you will need to keep track of for the campaign.

C-Bills - Cash.  Current amount of C-Bills your mechwarrior has available to spend.  We will start with 4 Million. 

Fame - Fame represents how well known your mechwarrior is.  You earn / lose Fame by actions in the arena.  The higher your Fame the more stables and sponsors become available to you.  All mechwarriors start with 0 Fame.

Character Points (CP) - Points that are spent to improve your character.  Everyone starts with 10 CP's.  You spend CP's like C-Bill's to add abilities to your mechwarrior or join a stable or some other things like loans or edge points.

Gunnery - Your Gunnery starts at a 3.  You can improve this with CP's and C-Bills.

Piloting - Your Piloting Starts at a 4.  You can improve this with CP's and C-Bills.

Edge Points - Players may use the Edge Point to force a re-roll of any dice roll that affects the player.  The re-rolled result stands and may not be re-rolled again by the same player (in the case of multiple Edge Points). Once the Edge Point is used, may not be used again for this battle. Players may only have a maximum of two Edge Points at any time.  The first Edge point cost 10 CP, the second cost 20 CP.

Current Mech -  Which mech your mechwarrior currently has.  You can own as many mechs as you wish.

Faction - Which House / Clan / Periphery / Group that you support.  Withdrawing or changing your faction cost you 15 CP and reduces your Fame by 15.  Unless you are going from Unaffiliated to join a Faction, that is free.  

Stable - Which stable do you belong to (if any).  No more than 2 players can be part of a single stable.  Stables offer various things.. Some combat bonuses, some repair or buying discounts, Some limit what weight class / type mech you can have.  being part of a stable is a good thing.  Joining a stable costs CP, Cbills and has a minimum Fame amount.  There is a CP and Fame penalty for leaving or changing your stable.   

Sponsors - You can have up to two sponsors.  They are much like Stables, but with smaller bonuses.  there is no limit to the number of players that can have a single sponsor.  There is a CP and fame penalty for leaving or changing one of your sponsors.

Abilities - The abilities that you purchased with your mechwarrior.  You lose one of these for each hit your mechwarrior takes in battle.  But you get it back when you heal up after the battle.

Wounds - How many wounds your mechwarrior has.  Most of the time this will be 0, but it cost 50,000 C-Bills to heal a wound after a battle.  If you are unable to afford the healing and will have to carry your wounds into the next battle.

Loans - The maximum amount a character can borrow is determined by his fame.  It cost 5 CP each time you take out a loan.  A character can carry his loan indefinitely.  A player can only have one loan at a time so the first loan must be re-payed in order to take out another loan.

CIP - Campaign insurance policy.  If your mechwarrior dies in the arena and you have done a background story up for him, your new character will have all the Fame, CP and $ of the now dead mechwarrior.  If you don't have a CIP, your new mechwarrior will start from scratch.

You can keep track of these on the Mechwarrior Character sheet available here...

I'll have printed some of these out for our first night of the campaign.

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