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How the first night will work and how to prepare (WIP).

Here is the step by step process of how we will create our Solaris Mechwarriors the first night of the campaign.

We start with 4 Million C-Bills to buy our first mech.  We will also be playing in the Open Class...meaning we will not be limited to a specific weight class.  Bring whatever you can afford.  If a couple of players get further ahead cash wise than the others I'm fairly certain they will become the prime targets of the other players.  We will be doing a randomized drafting order for faction and then a second one for  mech selection.

Some basic rules to think about before you buy your mech.

  • You are awarded cash for making kills, assisting with kills, crippling mechs, doing 20+ points of damage, Close combat attacks and some "Flashy" moves (DFA, hitting 4 mechs in one turn...etc.).  These can be found at this link...Prize money and Character Development 
  • The kill award earned is determined by the size of your mech and the size of your kills.  Clan mechs are considered 1 size bigger than they actually are.  Meaning a Clan light = an Inner Sphere medium.  So it is not a last mech standing gets all the money situation.  Same size solo kill is 2+ Million C-Bills. 
  • There is only one way to salvage an enemy mech, through a mechwarrior's death.  If you are the one that does the killing blow to the mechwarrior, you can claim his mech for salvage.  This only counts when he is in the cockpit.  Killing an ejected mechwarrior will get you banned from Solaris.  You will have to repair your new mech before you can sell it.  You can then run either of your current mech, your newly salavaged mech, or sell one, or both and get a better one. 
  • If your bankrupt and can't afford to repair your mech, you can "Restart" with a new mechwarrior, but you subtract 500,000 from your starting funds each time you restart due to bankruptcy, to a minimum of 2 Million.  If your mechwarrior dies, you restart with 4 million.
  • Repairs are really cheap.  45% of a mechs purchase cost to rebuild a destroyed mech (even from Ammo explosion or CT destruction).  35% to repair a crippled mech, 25% to repair all non crippled damage.  We will also have rules for minimal repairs...that might cost you even less than 25%.  Armor repair is free, Ammo reloads are's the internals that you have to repair 10% per section.  Something to think about before you spend all 4 million on that Hunchback.    If it is destroyed you probably won't be able to repair it, unless you manage a kill in the first game.

1) Download and print The Pilot sheet from the following site. (or get one from me the night of the draft)  Fill in the sheet as you go.
Example:   Rob fills in his mechwarriors name, handle, his gunnery of 3 and piloting of 4.

2)  Review the link to the right that says Starter Mechs.  There is a Starter mech link to the right which lists all the mechs under 4 million that can be bought is you have 0 fame.  However some of these mechs are faction specific.  So not all the mechs on this list are available to all factions.  you will have to check the faction lists to see which faction has the mech you like.
Your starting mech might be one of the most important choices you make.  You have 4 Million C-Bills, all of the mechs on this list cost less than 4 Million.    To make it easier I've placed a ** next to those mech Variants that are available to any faction.  If there is no **, you will need to find what faction that chassis / variant is linked to.
Example:  Rob looks over the Starter Mechs.  Plans on grabbing a Hunchback if there is one available.

3) Now look at the Mech Faction C-Bills cost google doc.  Look through the Faction tab to see what faction the mech you like is available to.  Also look at the other mechs of this Faction to see if you would like to use them further into the campaign.  Look also at the CBill Cost tab.  All the available mechs are listed here by CBill cost.  Clan mechs are Bold and highlighted in gray (even Clan players can't start with those so ignore them for now...Details later that).  Also look at the link and look at the various factions, maybe you will like the style of one over another.  I'll also have all the Faction Field manuals availble to flip through at the next couple Bulldog events.  There are limits on how many players can be linked to any faction, other than Unaffilated can have unlimited members.  Three player limit for any of the major houses, Two can declare themselves Mercenaries, and one for all the other factions.  

Example:  Rob looks over the mechs and likes the looks many of the clan mechs so he figures he will make a Clan mechwarrior...even though he has to start in an inner sphere mech.  He has liked the background of the Jade Falcons so plans to pick them if no one else does.  He figures ComStar or another clan would make a good choice as well, worst case he can stay unaffiliated.  Rob is ready for draft night.  Rob Sees that the Hunchback has one version available to the Falcons.  So his starter mech is still good.

4)  Declare your faction.  Now look at the Faction tab from the same spreadsheet.  Make sure the faction you select has the mech you want listed.  You may also want to look further down the list at mechs you might want to get in the future.  It cost both CP and Fame to change / drop your factions, so plan on staying with it once you choose your faction.  One safe bet is to start as Unaffiliated, Periphery (Other) or Mercenary, you can swap from these to any faction without the penalty.   You will also want to look at what stables and sponsors are available to each faction.  You must Declare your faction before buying your mech.
Example: The Faction draft order is determined and Rob picks next to last.  Only one player other player has selected a Clan, and they took Clan Ghost Bear so Rob selects Clan Jade Falcon as his faction.  Where the only stable that is available to clanners is Zellbrigen, Rob probably wouldn't have taken a Clan if two players had taken Clan factions before him. 

5) Buy your Mech.  I'm going to be a stickler for using the correct minis and painted minis on the table.  Look at the "Rob's painted mechs" google doc.  The mechs that I have painted are listed by weight.  There will be a 25% extra CBill cost if I don't have the correct mini that is painted.  The minis I do have will be on a 1st come 1st serve basis.  After draft night all upgrades will be on a 1st email or request to me (I'll go last after the initial draft night, letting all others take their choice before me).  Safe bet is there will be a run on Hunchbacks the 1st night (one of the tougher mechs you can get for under 4 Million C-Bills), so have an alternate choice ready.  I'll have all the painted mech minis that are under 4 million on a table for all to see for the draft.  Feel free to bring your painted mini's if you have any to add to the pool.
Example:  Mech selection draft order is determined and Rob picks 7th.  Before Rob the mechs selected are, Hunchback, Hunchback, Phoenix Hawk, Centurion, Crab, Enforcer.  Rob looks and sees there are no more painted Hunchbacks available.  Rob can not buy a Clan mech as he does not have the 10 Fame required, so that Locust IIC is not available for him to select...yet.  Rob looks further down his list and selects the Firefly FFL-4A.  Rob thinking that will make it easier for him to get the Firefly IIC once he has the 10 fame, by having the lone painted Firefly mini, Rob blocks those that might also want to grab the low cost Firefly IIC down the road.   Rob spends the 2,203,500 and buys the Firefly.  He figures worse case he can fully repair the destroyed Firefly if he needs to with his remaining funds.

6) Spend your CP's.  Look at the Character Point Table link to the right.  I'll pass out these sheets the night of the draft or have them up on the wall.  Spend your 10 CP's if you wish.
Example: As much as he would like to save the CP's Rob spends his 10 on an Edge point, that will help him survive that floating crit or head hit.   

In summary.
  • Look at the mechs, find a couple that you like for under 4 million, that I have minis for.
  • Look at the factions, what mechs that are available to them, and what stables & sponsors are available to them.  Find a couple that you would be happy with.
  • Look at how you may want to spend your CP's.

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