Friday, September 2, 2011

Mech Selection for Battle #5

Time to declare which mech chassis you will be taking into Battle #5.  These are the 3 battles, with 4 or 5 players each.  If we only have 11 players we will drop to 2 battles with 5-6 players in each one.  (If we only have 2 battles we will drop Hartford Gardens and use the Factory and Ishiyama as the sites for the battles.)

Order is from Highest fame to lowest.  After giving this some thought, logically your mechwarrior will find out what map they are on 24 Hours before the match.  You will be able to take any chassis you own to what ever arena you happen to get dealt.  Omni mechs can swap out their weapons to another standard Omni configuration after they find out what map they have...if they have the cash on hand.  No taking loans or selling items to do the swap.  (Which is why Jeff took the loan to have the H Config ready if he needed it.)

So the three arenas are 1) Hartford Gardens, 2) Factory, 3) Ishiyama (tunnels)...Please declare which Chassis you will be taking in each of the arenas.

Example: I might say on my turn to select my chassis.  I will take the Pillager in hartford gardens, and the Vindicator in the other two arenas.

Omni chassis do NOT have to declare which version they are taking, just which chassis.  Did this to give a little more advantage to having an Omni-Mech.  They can email me their loadouts after everyone has selected their chassis, keeping them secret until all the omni choices have been emailed to me.  Then I will reveal them to everyone in a batch.  Yes, you must declare your Omni loadout before you find out who your opponents in the matches are.

If you only have one mech at this time, your pick has been made for you.

1) Flashman - Goshawk (Ishiyama, Factory);  Mad Cat (Hartford Gardens)                               

2) Bad Wolf  - Nova (All arenas)

3) Peacekeeper - Vindicator VND-5L (All Arenas)

4) Mayday  -  (Charger - Tunnels, Hatchetman - Hartford & Factory)

5) Crash'n'Burn - Grasshopper GHR-5N (All arenas)

6) Ace - Hunchback HBK-4P  (All Arenas)

7) Firebush -  Awesome AWS-9Q (All Arenas)

8) Prez - Kintaro KTO-19 (All Arenas)

9) BlackJack - Hunchback HBK-5N (All Arenas)

10) Katana -Daimyo DMO-4K (All Arenas)

11) Irish  - (Marauder MAD-5L in Tunnels, Black Knight in Hartford or Factory)

12 ) Apollo - Hunchback HBK-4H (All Arenas)

13) Truckasaurus - Awesome AWS-9Q (All Arenas)

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